I am a liar..

Apparently I lied. I was going to try and get some videos made in the past several weeks since I last posted but obvs that didn’t happen, oops!

I still want to do some sort of video but I told myself that I at least had to update the blog since it’s been forever and a day since I last wrote.

As of this week I have been on plan for 10 weeks. I have lost a total of 25.2, which got me to my 25lb milestone aaaaand I also hit my 10% goal last week when I weighed in. Woop!

I have been doing fairly well on plan, I had one rough week where I felt like I just couldn’t get satisfied no matter what I ate, but that has since (thankfully) passed. So now the only things I have been struggling with are getting in my water and exercising. I am not getting in 96oz a day like I was a few weeks ago. I have been better since I called myself on it last week so hopefully that will get back to normal soon!

Ugh, exercise. I don’t mind doing it, it’s just making myself get off my ass and get on the elliptical. I run into some bad thinking patterns because if I only have 3 hours to relax after work before I have to go to bed, I want to spend those hours doing something.. well, relaxing! Not using up a 3rd of that time pounding it out on the elliptical! So that’s my own mental block and I tried getting over it by getting out of the house to exercise. Yesterday I walked a mile at the park instead. It was chilly, but at least it’s warmed up enough here to walk outside for once. So I think that will help me a lot because I’d rather walk/jog outside than grind on that elliptical any day!

Happy First Day of Spring! (it snowed this morning, go figure.)

10262010_10152384150371489_6478192344442887901_nHere’s to a good weigh in tomorrow, I will try to post WI results and a yummy recipe I thought up as soon as I test it out!


Getting things in order…

So I have been on this weight loss journey for four weeks now! I cannot believe how fast the time is going by. I haven’t been able to post much to the blog yet, however, I am trying to get into a groove so to speak with what I am planning on doing and how I am going to do it.

I like the integration of the written blogs with video. I feel like sometimes videos can be more interesting to partake in. I haven’t been able to get any new videos up yet because I’ve been trying to decide between daily vlog style videos or one weekly update. The solution I came up with that I am going to try and implement is to aim for shooting a few seconds each day with a quick daily update. Try to do that more days out of the week than not, and then compile it into a weekly update at the end of the week after my weigh in.

I feel this is the best of both worlds. So that’s what I started trying to do this week, I haven’t been able to shoot every single day but I’m not doing too bad. I just don’t have the time to sit down and edit and upload a new video every single day unfortunately, so this method should work out nicely. We will see when the first video comes together at the end of the week.

As for my progress over the last 4 weeks, I have been busting ass! Here are the stats so far:


Week 1: -6.8 lbs   Total WL: 6.8 lbs

Week 2: -3.6 lbs   Total WL: 10.4 lbs

Week 3: -3.2 lbs   Total WL: 13.6 lbs (Hit 5% Goal)

Week 4: -2.0 lbs   Total WL: 15.6 lbs

I am on my fifth week currently. I am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow but we will have to wait and see! (I really struggled not to pun it up there.)

I feel good about my journey right now. Lord knows that can change in an instant, but for right now just holding steady. I am meal prepping every weekend and that is saving my ass every week. I also have been saving all my weekly point allowance for a special treat on weigh in day, and then not touching them the rest of the week. This past week it was Subway, a Hershey’s Cookies & Creme bar, and one delightful glazed donut from Dunkin. I haven’t really been craving much this week so I am not sure what I will be getting tomorrow for my #cheattreat, but I do know that there is a Starbucks Iced Caramel Apple Spice in my very near future.

Although I haven’t been doing great on the blogging, I have been keeping up with my progress on Instagram, follow me there if you’re curious!

Also on the topic of getting things in order, I started making monthly goals and progress boards. This is something that I talked about before in a video, but never got around to doing it before I fell off the wagon.

Better believe I’m doing it this time. It’s been so much fun to challenge myself to hit my goals every day, and it really gets me motivated if I haven’t quite reached them yet!


Week One Progress Board

I also like that I can look back on these progress boards as records of how far I’ve come. I started working out on my elliptical the first week of February, and I could barely do 5 minutes. But as I stuck with it over the course of the week I built up until I could do 40 flipping minutes! I love having a visual record of that progress.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


I am making a board for each week in February to reflect the goals I set.

February Goals:

1. Lose 10 lbs

2. Drink 96oz. of water every day

3. Walk or Elliptical 4 times per week

4. Use 5 new recipes for meal prepping

5. Walk 175,000 steps.

I broke my big goals down into smaller ones and set up my board around them. So far, it’s working like a charm. I love earning stickers because apparently I am a 4 year old, but whatever works, right? It get’s me off my ass to work out, it keeps me active through the day to get my step count in, it gets me drinking my water like a boss, and it gets me trying new food so I don’t get stuck in a food rut. I can’t wait to kill these goals and move onto new ones for March!

In other news my kitten Aidan is like.. growing up and he needs to stop. He’s so big now I can’t stand it.


He also sleeps like a weirdo.

Other than that I am pretty much caught up. I apologize for the ridiculously long post but that’s what happens when I don’t write for 3 weeks. I will try to be better about that!




A brand new start!

Well here it is, 2015 and I am still morbidly obese. There are so many things my weight is preventing me from doing. The biggest thing, however, deals with my namesake. Too Big For my Breeches evolved from my love of being an equestrian. I used to ride and took lessons 1-2 times per week for several years back in my early 20’s. I had to stop for financial reasons and in the time I was off I gained almost 100 pounds.

I had already been chubby when I was taking lessons before, but I was still able to physically do a lot at the weight I was, which is to say about 165 pounds. Not skinny for my height by any stretch of the imagination, but I could still squeeze into a pair of riding breeches that were the appropriate riding apparel for the style of riding I did.


So, for english riding you are expected to wear something similar to the above pic. These thin, skin tight pants that show every single flaw your lower body might possess.

Ha Ha Ha…

Nevermind the fact that finding breeches to fit me when I was 165 was a pretty tough task, finding some to fit me now seems nigh insurmountable. I don’t even think they MAKE breeches for my current size.

Equestrianism is definitely a sport for the thin and beautiful. There are even classes at horse shows that judge you as much for you and your horses appearance, as for your performance. It’s elitist, and snobby. The morbidly obese just don’t fit in.

I’m not saying I agree with that elitist mentality, but I can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. Disregarding the fact that I can’t fit into the proper riding clothes, even the act of climbing up onto a horse would be impossible for me at this weight. Let alone actually riding the poor horsebeast.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed horses until I had the opportunity to be around them again. This past year I started learning Healing Touch for Animals. Part of the three day course is the large animal day when we practice our techniques on horses. Oh! I was in heaven! Although my weight made me extremely uncomfortable the entire weekend, seeing horses again made my heart soar, and ache at the same time.


After working with an awesome horse named Mosey, it hit home to me that I HAD to lose weight so that I could start riding again.

That is the big motivation for me, but it’s not the only one. In the past when I have tried to lose weight it was for looks first and foremost, with the benefit of being healthier as a bonus. Health is definitely at the forefront to me after the past few months I have had.

I have discovered that there is some sort of systemic inflammation affecting my body. This inflammation can erupt in different places and usually attacks my back, leaving me with severe pain in my lower back. I always attributed it to my weight, and years of wrestling dogs as a vet tech.

Until the inflammation attacked my eye.

I noticed my eye was sore one day at work, and when I looked in the mirror, it was definitely pinker than my other eye. My first thought was pink eye, so I went to the doctor a few days later when it hadn’t improved. My doctor agreed with me that it looked like pink eye and sent me home with some drops.


The beginning, when I thought this was pink eye.

After another week the pain in my eye was getting intense, the drops weren’t making it any better and it was becoming clear that this wasn’t pink eye. After an entire day of crying under a blanket because the light was SO painful to my eye, I decided to go to the emergency room. The ER doctor thought we were dealing with a condition called iritis, and referred me to an ophthalmologist the very next day.

One day before I went to the ER.

One day before I went to the ER.

The ophthalmologist confirmed the iritis diagnosis, and told me that due to the high level of inflammation in my eye the edges of my cornea had been glued down to the inside structures of my eye, hence the severe light sensitivity. He put me on Pred drops, and another drop that kept my pupil dilated at all times to try and break my cornea off of the places it had adhered to.

The pain relief was nearly immediate. I was still super sensitive to light, but that went away after another week or two. After a couple of rechecks with my eye doctor, I am still healing – but I have to stay on the Pred Acetate drops for 3 more months!

So apparently, you don’t just get iritis for no reason. It is usually secondary to an underlying autoimmune disease or some other sort of systemic inflammation.

I know a lot of the issues I am having with inflammation are due to the lifestyle I live. I eat high fat, high carb foods, and a ton of sugar which can make inflammation skyrocket.

So the other big part of my decision was my health. I know by lowering the amount of crappy foods and processed junk in my diet I can help my inflammation issue from the inside out. I don’t want to be forced to live on pharmaceuticals to keep inflammation in check in my body. Big time Oral NSAIDS, along with steroid drops in my eye everyday are not a way of life. Not for me anyway!

So this is my fresh start, new blog, new name, new goals, new motivations. I will be integrating videos with the blog here from time to time as well. I know there are other people out there like me, who love horses but are too fat to ride. Hopefully this blog and my youtube channel can be a bastion for like-minded people.

I am hoping to have a Week One Vlog up by next weekend to talk about my first week back. I have an awesome Quinoa Salad recipe to share and so much more. I can’t wait to get started! Let’s do this!